Frequently Asked Questions

01. How Ear Wax Removal Pro really works

Unlike Q-Tips, which can push wax deeper and lead to hearing issues, Ear Wax Removal Pro provides a safe and immediate solution. After one use, you'll notice improved clarity and the removal of old earwax, allowing you to enjoy life's sounds without constantly asking, 'What did you say?' Say hello to delightful music and a better hearing experience!

02. Is it safe to use Ear Wax Removal Pro?

Ear Wax Removal Pro undergoes rigorous testing for top-notch safety and quality. Made from durable medical-grade materials like PC and silica, it ensures lasting dependability. The ear scoop prioritizes comfort with its soft, flexible design, and includes an adjustable silicone protective cover for both adult and pediatric ears. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities.

03. What are microplastics, and why are they a problem?

Setting up Ear Wax Removal Pro is quick and easy. Follow these steps:

1. Take Loft Ear Wax Removal Pro out of the box and turn it on.
2. Download the app using the manual's QR code.
3. Connect your phone to Loft Ear Wax Removal Pro via Wi-Fi and open the app to start using it. Enjoy wax-free ears in no time!

04. Is the device suitable for children? 

While the Loft™ Ear Wax Removal Pro can be used for children, we recommend adult supervision during the process to ensure safe and proper use.